Borġ in-Nadur, Wied Żembaq and Wied Qoton

This Harrison Lewis walk was led by Barbara. Although we started by the sea at St George’s bay, Birżebbuġa this was a country walk exploring the quiet valleys of Wied Żembaq (“Jasmine Valley”) and Wied Qoton (“Cotton Valley”.

St Georges Bay, Birżebbuġa, the start of the walk.

The Cross at Borġ in-Nadur

Our first point of interest was the site of the Bronze Age Village at Borġ in-Nadur. This is also the site of a series of visions of the Virgin Mary reported by Angelik Caruana, a resident of Birżebbuġa, from 2005 onwards. Religious meetings are regularly held at this spot.

The view from the Bronze Age village.

The smooth limestone path leading up the edge of Wied Żembaq

Further up Wied Żembaq lie the ruins of a large country house, known as ‘Casa Ippolito’. It was built in 1664 by the Sicilian Baron Ippolito Novantieri who was married to a Maltese lady. The history of the house is the subject of several myths and legends which have been handed down over the generations.

Interior ceiling of the ruined Casa Ippolito

It was a beautiful morning, if a little too hot towards the end, and the landscape, full of wild flowers, was magical.

A typical field of wildflowers

All of today’s pictures were taken using my new toy – the iPhone 4S.

An abundance of poppies.

There are several other ancient sites in this area which is well worth exploring further.

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