W&B Day 1: Home – Diglis – Tibberton

I decided to walk from home to the “official” start of this walk as it adds only an extra mile along the River Severn. The walk proper begins at the junction of the Worcester and Birmingham canal with the Severn.

I left home about 9:30am on a  gloriously sunny June morning and arrived at Tibberton at about 12:30pm. I was walking quite slowly and taking lots of photographs. I also has to stop halfway to put some Compede on the balls of my feet which still seem to be suffering from the effects of the Wessex Ridgeway in April of this year.

My feet problems may have been exacerbated as I was wearing new Bridgedale Endurance Trail socks inside a heavy pair of leather Scarpa boots. I will try some inner socks with these next time.

One of my nerdy objectives for this walk is to photograph every bridge on the canal (well, we all have our nerdy tendencies…). The bridges are numbered, beginning with number 1 at the Worcester end. I’ll tell you what the last one is when I get there. I got up to number 25 today, although a couple (7 and 20) were mysteriously missing.

The best way to get an impression of what the walk is like is from my Photo Journey on Picasa. Be sure to read the captions!

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