Project: The Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Now that we are living in Worcester, I thought it would be a good idea to walk the length of the Worcester & Birmingham canal. My inspiration has come partly from the book Walking the Canals of the Midlands by Michael Kettle.

The book.

Cover of "Walking the Canals of the Midlands by M Kettle

The length of the walk is roughly 30 miles. Michael Kettle Travelled North-South from Alvestoke to Diglis. He missed out the West Hills tunnel and the industrial part throuh the centre of Birmingham. I will be travelling South-North from Diglis Basin in Worcester to Gas Street in the heart of Birmingham.

I’m hoping to complete the walk in June/July 2010. Although the walk would be easily achievable in a couple of days, I’m planning to do it in quite short sections of about 7 miles each, dawdling and taking lots of photos. In particular I plan to take a photo of every bridge over the canal.

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