Xemxija Hill and Mistra Bay

Roman Apiary

This Harrison Lewis walk was led by Anne. The route was from Xemxija, at the innermost point of St Paul’s Bay, up onto the hill behind the village, where we encountered a range of interesting features:

  • 3 Punic/Roman apiaries
  • Arguably the oldest tree in Malta, a carob over a thousand years old.
  • A Roman road.
  • Some troglodyte cave dwellings, complete with fireplace and animal compounds.
  • A Punic Tomb cut into the hillside.
  • Six Neolithic “shaft & chamber” tombs cut into the rock, each having a vertical shaft leading down to one or more side chambers. In use in 3100 BC.
  • A Second World War defense post.
  • Roman baths.

Entrance to Punic Tomb

We made a brief detour to see some wild narcissi and then descended into the Wied tal-Mistra from whence we emerged into Mistra bay. After a pleasant stop for lunch overlooking the bay we ascended the Rdum tal-Kalkara (“lime-kiln cliffs”)and made our way back along the coast to Xemxija.

I will eventually be passing  Mistra Bay on the circumnavigation, and will take lots of picture then, so today’s three photos are inland shots.

Wild Narcissi

Thanks to “electrobleme” of everythingselectric.com for the map below of Xemxija Hill, showing the main sites.

Xemxija Hill SItes

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