Malta Circumnavigation Day 6: Għar Lapsi to Dingli Cliffs

It was a long but fairly gentle climb from Għar Lapsi to the Il-Fawwara (“Spring”) road. We could have stayed on the road all the way but elected to skirt the quarry above  Ix-Xaqqa (“The Cut”) cove and use the track which runs directly up the side of the hill.

Ix-Xaqqa Cove

The Il-Fawwara road is very pleasant to walk along. Since it is a dead end it’s very quiet and we met only the occasional hunting party and a postman. There are interesting cliffs above and great views out to sea below.

A Garden on the Il-Fawwara Road

There are some nice, isolated houses and two interesting chapels along the road the Kappella tal-Lunzjata (Annunciation Chapel) and the “underground” chapel dedicated to our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The Underground Chapel

At the end of the road there is a dramatic winding track leading up to the high ground above Rdum Dikkiena (“Stone Bench Cliffs”). This is a satisfying route as to travel from Għar Lapsi to Dingli Cliffs by road involves a major detour inland.

View back from the zig-zag path.

Once on top we joined the road which skirts Dingli Cliffs to reach the highest point in Malta at the radar station (253m). We stopped on the way for a look at the Magdalena Chapel perched on a cliff edge.

Rdum Dikkiena

We finished at the Dingli Coastal Surveillance Station from where we walked over to Dingli village to catch the bus to Rabat. A very pleasant walk.

Highest point in Malta.

For the full story read the photo-journey.

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