Malta Circumnavigation Day 3: Marsaxlokk to the Freeport

This was a short walk of less than two hours mainly with a view to getting me to a good position to start my journey along the Southern and Western coastline of the Island. Despite the mainly urban environment, there was much to see and enjoy.

One of the many Fishing Boats at Marsaxlokk

Il-Bajja ta’ Marsaxlokk (Marsaxlokk Bay) is a large, fairly sheltered body of water and, on the map, looks like a large bite that has been taken out of the South East tip of Malta. Inside the larger bay are three smaller bays. The bay containing Marsaxlokk Harbour has no separate name from the larger bay. The second, near Il-Qajjenza, is Il-Bajja ta’  San Ġorġ (St George’s Bay) The third is Il-Bajja ta’Birżebbuġa  (Birżebbuġa Bay but more commonly known as Pretty Bay).

This walk takes in all three bays, starting from the site of Malta’s famous Sunday morning fish market on Xatt tas-Sajjieda (Fisherman’s Wharf) at Marsaxlokk. We briefly leave the houses as we round Ir-Ras (“The Head”), with the impressive Fort of St Lucian, originally built by Grandmaster Wignacourt in 1611 but subsequently much extended, particularly by the British in Victorian times.

Fort St Lucian

We then return to a heavily industrial landscape as we round St George’s Bay, through the area of Il-Qajjenza. St George’s Harbour itself is quite pretty and relatively unspoiled.

Beach at Pretty Bay

The area surrounding the sandy beach at Pretty Bay has recently been refurbished to a high standard. Although the Freeport ships and cranes completely dominate the landscape the Maltese don’t let it put them off one bit. The area is very popular and always full of swimmers in the summer.

Swimmers near the Freeport

For the full story of the walk read the photo-journey.

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