W&B Day 5: Bourneville to Gas Street Basin

Gas Street Basin in the heart of Birmingham.
The end of the walk. (see photo journey)

The final stage of my walk from Worcester to Birmingham was between Bourneville and Gas Street, in Birmingham city centre.

This was the first walk on which I had no driver. I left home on foot yesterday (28th) at about 8:15 and took the train from Worcester Foregate to University, Birmingham. Then a short hop back on the local train (these ones are powered by overhead lines) to Bourneville.

I took a trekking pole with me. I only carry trekking poles in two circumstances – if I’m expecting a steep mountain descent or if I’m walking through an area where there may be muggers. In the event my fears (having seen Alan Breward’s photo of a sign on his canal walk saying “Beware of the Somalian Mugger”) proved unfounded and no intimidating individuals were encountered on this urban section of the towpath.

There were only four miles left to go on this final day and the walk, even though through the centre of the city, was very enjoyable. It was quite sad to take the photos of the last bridge at Granville Street, having photographed all 88 bridges (give or take a few additions and disappearances) from No 1 to No 88 inclusive.

I spent a good while exploring the basin and its surroundings. I finally walked over to New Street station through the Mailbox shopping centre and then via the underpass to Navigation Street. Had a beer in the Shakespeare pub and caught the 12:49pm train home to Worcester.

The walk has been a pleasure from beginning to end and I would cheerfully do it again.  Next time I will concentrate less on photography and more on the experience.

See today’s photo-journey and don’t forget to read the captions!

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