W&B Day 2: Tibberton – Stoke Prior

I set out on the second stage of my journey from Worcester to Birmingham on a sunny morning at 9:00am on June 21st, the longest day of the year.

I left  the city well behind and headed out along the canal into some glorious Worcestershire countryside. I encountered my first tunnel of the walk at Dunhamstead, having to leave and rejoin the canal. The tunnel is only 216 metres long so it was only a brief detour.

The last couple of miles proved a return to an industrial landscape at Stoke Works, built by the Salt King, John Corbett (1871-1901) for the workers in his salt factories.

This was a very enjoyable walk. I dawdled, taking lots of pohotographs (including all the bridges!) and covered the 7 miles in just over three hours. My final destination was the Navigation Inn in Stoke Wharf, where I met Jaqui for a pleasant lunch.

For more detail see the captions on the Photo Journey on Picasa.

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