Project: The Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Now that we are living in Worcester, I thought it would be a good idea to walk the length of the Worcester & Birmingham canal. My inspiration has come partly from the book Walking the Canals of the Midlands by Michael Kettle.

The book.

Cover of "Walking the Canals of the Midlands by M Kettle

The length of the walk is roughly 30 miles. Michael Kettle Travelled North-South from Alvestoke to Diglis. He missed out the West Hills tunnel and the industrial part throuh the centre of Birmingham. I will be travelling South-North from Diglis Basin in Worcester to Gas Street in the heart of Birmingham.

I’m hoping to complete the walk in June/July 2010. Although the walk would be easily achievable in a couple of days, I’m planning to do it in quite short sections of about 7 miles each, dawdling and taking lots of photos. In particular I plan to take a photo of every bridge over the canal.

My Waterproof Jacket

Recently I have had to mourn the unexpected loss of an old friend – my Berghaus Pac-Lite waterproof jacket. I last saw it (that I can remember) in the car on the way home from finishing the Wessex Ridgeway in April 2010.  Here it is at the summit of Meal Corranaich on 29th May 2003.

As well as serving as my main walking jacket (it’s been up 60 of my 61 Munros), I always take it on vacation as it squeezes down to a low bulk and can be taken anywhere. I noticed it had gone missing when packing for a Canadian holiday towards the end of May 2010. I tried phoning a few restaurants where I might have left it but to no avail.

I bought a new one (a straight replacement, except it’s in blue). I can’t post a picture yet as the weather has been great recently and I haven’t had a chance to wear it. Can’t complain about that!

New Project: the Severn Way

This is my next long distance walk, 207 miles from the source of the River Severn to the sea of the Bristol Channel.

Under Construction: To be continued…

History: The Wessex Ridgeway

Well this is quite recent history. I completed the Wessex Ridgeway with my friends Barry and Bev just over a month ago.

Under Construction. To be continued.

History: A start on the Munros.

I have to confess it straight off. I’m a failed Munroist.

Under Construction: To be continued…